Monday, October 31, 2016


A few weeks ago, my parents came up for a visit and we decided to take a family trip to the pumpkin patch. Andrew and I took Grace last year, when she was 8 months old, which was basically a trip for a photo op. It's crazy the difference that a year makes!

8 Months Old
1 Year, 8 Months Old
The local pumpkin patch (Faulkner Farms) has pony rides, goats, sheep, etc., to feed and pet, a zip line, a hayride, and multiple other things that Grace is still too young to do. We played on the playground, where she loved the slide, with the assistance of her dad.
The horsey swings were also a big hit! I can see why they're appealing to a wide age range because they spin in circles if an adult isn't holding on to the rope to keep them steady (which we obviously did, because, toddler!)

The look on her face. This kid is pure joy. 
Fall is quite possibly my absolute favorite time of year. Scarves, boots, leaves, pumpkin spice lattes... What's not to love! Also, how basic can I get?! Joking aside, this time of year is when I really love living in Kansas City. There's a definite chill to the air in the mornings but it's not the biting cold (that will come) and you can actually see the season changing in the surrounding landscape. I've noticed it even more this year than in years past due to the time I spend outside running. The leaves on the trails, the lessening of humidity in the air each week, the (light) bundling of Grace when I situate her in the stroller... It really is a beautiful change from the heat of the summer. Add in the elements of football season and my hair staying styled (bye, humidity!) and I'm all smiles. It's the simple things, y'all.

Grace's vest // Grace's leggings // Grace's shirt // Grace's boots
To be cliché and quote Anne of Green Gables, "I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers." And, for family who visits to celebrate them.


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