Friday, October 28, 2016


What better way to dive into my first post than to talk about our baby transitioning from a baby to a toddler? 20 months. Almost two. How?! Grace has really become her own little person over these past few months. She's learning and doing so many new things everyday that it's hard to keep up! She is communicating so well, almost always wants to walk when we're out and about (and tries to refuse holding my hand), loves to make us laugh, and has started "school" one day a week. The toddler tantrums have started but (knock on wood) they've been fairly easy to diffuse. She's still on the bigger side, and while I don't know exactly, I would guess that she's still in the 70th percentile for weight and height.  
AGE: 20 months (and counting)

 I LOVE: Books, puzzles, and baby dolls! 90% of play time is spent doing one of those three things. Grace has also taken a new interest (obsession) with Hendrix as of late. When we say his name she definitely knows who we're referring to, but since it's a bit of a tough one, she has decided to just call him "dog-dog." Which has led to us doing the same. Poor 'ol dog-dog.

WORDS: dada, mama, dog, go, no, yes, night, pass (pacifier), water, cup, milk, done, bye, hi, bath, ball, block, book, cat, bow, shoes, socks, duck, toot, poop, tee tee, please, trash, thank you, nose, eyes, ears, mouth, teeth, hair, toes, belly button, legs, hands, eat, mi mouse (Minnie Mouse), llama, cow, school, church, up, down, walk, mail, emmy, pa, phone, boo, mote (remote), snack, dance, pray, amen, love you, work, home, bite, blanket, hot, grace, treat, car, uh-oh, oh no, yay, pretty, bana (banana), Cheerios, pig, mup (make-up)
...and there's probably more that I'm forgetting! She seems to be saying several new words every day and can repeat just about anything that we ask her to say. I can understand/figure out 99% of what Grace is trying to tell me and her dad can roughly 75% of it. She chats and points trying to identify things around her, like in the stroller when I'm running. Grace also tries to copy the tune when we sing her songs, like the ABC's. She grins so big when we show excitement over a new skill. She just kills me.
GRACE-ISMS: Grace absolutely loves her baby Stella doll, or "bebeee!" Before nap and bedtime, she takes out baby's pacifier, gives her a kiss, says "love you, bye bye" then covers her with a blanket. Sweetest thing ever! Grace loves to play with and watch me put on my make-up, puts on her play bracelets, and I've caught her trying to figure out my earrings when I've taken them off. She's already such a girly girl! Grace has become a major Daddy's girl the past few weeks. She asks for him several times throughout the day, and only wants him when he's home. She'll also point to pictures around the house and say his name. Grace is also convinced that she's two! We try to tell her that she's one, but she strongly disagrees.
Seeing Grace's little personality continue to come out is one of the most rewarding things that I've experienced. Happy 20 months, sweet Grace! You just have no idea how blessed we feel that you are ours.


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