Friday, November 11, 2016


Fridays are my favorite day with Grace. We don't have any activities that we go to, I typically don't have any errands to do, and now that it's cooling off we don't have to get straight out the door so that I can run before it gets too hot. We have a lazy morning, go for a run when we're ready, and then "pay pay paaay!" to her little heart's content. As we head into the weekend, here's a look back at five of my favorite things from this week.
I absolutely love dressing this girl! Her little walk is so sassy and that seems to be magnified in a tutu.
 There was a weight loss competition a few months ago within the play group that I'm a member of here. There was 40ish people in it, and I entered as motivation to stay on track and best case scenario, lose 10 pounds. I ended up winning! 1 of my friends moved to Sweden midway of the competition and she's back for the month of November. She showed up last week with this cookie cake!
Hendrix embracing his feminine side for a midday snooze. 

THIS SOUP! It is so, so yummy!
My new LuLaRoe dress in one of my favorite colors to wear. In one of the only colors I wear, actually. I'm a lover of neutrals.

GRACE'S BOOTS \\ Grace's dress is sold out, but similar HERE \\ MY BOOTIES
Happy Veteran's Day!

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