Friday, November 18, 2016


Today is the big day, y'all! Today, I'm putting up my Christmas décor. Ha! I planned to put it up earlier in the week but it has been so unseasonably hot for November in the Midwest. However, a cold front blew in last night, so today it is! Does anyone have a yummy (preferably cheesy) potato soup that they care to share? We can't get enough soup when it's cold out. This week was full of Grace-centered activities for us: two play dates at local parks, lunches with sweet toddler friends, getting a picture of Grace for the Christmas card, and it ended with our sweet girl getting her first real cold. She's handling it like a champ and I'm sure will bounce back to full health in no time. For now, I'll soak up all the extra cuddles that I can get. Happy weekend!

{The sweetest little morning view}
Her little personality is my favorite! She insisted on wearing this Saturday morning. We weren't heading anywhere, she just wanted a bow and boots! Also, the way she crinkles her face to say cheese is the cutest.
{GRACE'S PAJAMAS \\ GRACE'S BOOTS which are currently on sale}
{We (try to) eat Paleo during the week and this Crispy Parmesan Garlic Chicken with Zucchini was a hit.}
Sunday best with my best girl!
Enjoying a beautiful afternoon by having lunch on the patio with sweet friends.

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