Monday, November 21, 2016


Our sweet girl is another month older, another month closer to turning two. Unless you ask her, then of course you'll hear that she already is. I'm fairly certain that I've said this every month for the last year, but I think this month was my favorite. It had it's set of challenges, and the farther we progress into toddlerhood those seem to be revving up, but she is still just so fun! I know that a lot of people tend to say that the newborn/baby stage is their favorite, so I'm the minority here, but I love late baby/toddler more. (I'm sure I'll be eating those words when the terrible twos really hit!) I understand why the baby stage is appealing with all the snuggles, lack of tantrums, typically being able to please them with eating or sleeping, and just general sweetness, but I've got to be honest y'all, the baby stage was not the easiest for me. It was quite the adjustment and I really over complicated it with the obsessions over if she was eating enough, sleeping enough, not taking time for myself, etc. As time continued on I found my groove as a mother and Grace has developed into the most amazing little person. This little personality that continues to shine more and more with each passing day truly just lights up my life and while I'm sad that it's gone so fast, I really do find myself excited to see exactly who she will become!

AGE... 21 Months (as of yesterday)

NEW WORDS... doll, girl, boy, bee, bug, giraffe (gi-affe), elephant, (aaafant), shower, get dressed, vest, boots, hooray, stomp, oh boy, oh man, who knows, gym, store, puzzle (puzz), Gigi, Hol-Hol, mess, almost, sausage, horse, broke, mouse, morning, alright, clothes, play, friends (fend), Hendrix (Heeen-dix), tree, shirt, spoon, oatmeal, outside (ow-si), Pete (sneaky Pete on Mickey Mouse), slide (side), swing (sing), show, towel, fish, octopus (oc-pus), key, leaf, boots, juice (which is actually a green smoothie -- Mom win!), goldfish (go-fish), walk, off, thank you, hat, secret. These are the words (in addition to the ones I listed in her 20 month update) that I know what's she saying and she knows what it is she's referencing when she says them. She can "say" just about anything, but these aren't just her repeating us, but instead, her actually talking. Her words are getting clearer everyday! She's starting to make food requests, which is comical at times.
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GRACE-ISMS... All of the little quirks that make her unique are my favorite! She requests oatmeal for every meal, even though she's only ever had it for breakfast. She has started to say "Oooooo!" in response to something we say/ask her if it makes her excited. Earlier this evening, Andrew asked her if she was ready to go take a bath and she said it and took off for her bathroom. It really makes us laugh. When we read to her, she wants to identify every. single. thing. on the page. Every bird, every cloud, every everything! I remind myself that it's her little brain thirsty to learn. Speaking of learning, she has memorized her alphabet puzzle. She can do it entirely by herself and will do it over and over again. She will actually do all of her puzzles on repeat. Put together, dump out, start over. She has started to connect playing with friends to going to school, so if she hears us say friend at all, she says school?! Also, she calls a lion a "Roar!" If you say where's the lion, she points at it, but if you ask what it is, you get roar. Cracks me up. Grace is very into doing real life actions with her baby. She has been for awhile, but it's intensified lately. She asks baby if she goes potty and we have to change her diaper, she will put baby in a chair and then say "Oh, up?" and reach her arms out to her, as if she's asking baby if she wants to be held, and she'll hold her close and pat her back telling her shhh. It seriously melts my heart.
GRACE CURRENTLY... has entered a picky eating phase. Well, sometimes. Some days she eats like she always has, which is fairly well-balanced. Others, I think she gets through the entire day on a cup of milk, a handful of goldfish, and yogurt. We don't stress about it. We offer her food at meal times and if she chooses not to eat then we don't try to force it. Grace has also started to really resist things that she doesn't want to do and is no stranger to using the word no. I've realized this past month exactly how capable she is of being expressive with her eyes! Even when she's not actually talking, she is communicating with us with expressions.
Her "mean face" which is extra funny because she does it to be funny, not because she's mad.
I'm not even sure how it started, but we've somehow developed a new nightly ritual with sweet Grace. I think one night we were both overly tired, Grace was a little cranky, and we were trying to kill time until bedtime. We told her that we'd go get ready for bed and then she could come in our room to watch Mickey Mouse. We got her in her pajama, she got to get her pacifier and lovey out of her crib, and we all laid in our bed together and watched an episode before doing her bedtime routine. Somehow, it happened the next night, and then the next, and now it's become our newest little thing. I've really come to cherish that time: all together, unwinding from the day, watching everyone's favorite talking, dancing, singing cartoon animals. Grace lays right in between us and will randomly roll over and hug, kiss, or just laugh at one of us and I know it's something I'll always remember.

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  1. Even though Grace lives eight hours away from me she still manages to light up my life and bring joy to my heart! She is a true blessing and I am so excited to spend Christmas with her (and her mommy and daddy, of course).