Monday, November 28, 2016


When we bought our house, we always intended on this room being a nursery if we were blessed with a child. It is the only room with a chair rail and is also the smallest of the bedrooms. After the house became ours and we were expecting a baby, I decided on dark wood furniture before we ever found out the gender. I also really love white, tufted, and iron furniture for little girl nurseries. In hindsight, I'm not sure what sparked the decision to do dark wood, but I do like the contrast of the dark furniture and the light pink and white bedding. I'm not ashamed to admit that I had both boy and girl bedding picked out before we ever knew which we were having!  Grace's bedding is my favorite thing in her nursery! The bedskirt is pink tulle and reminds me of a tutu. Unfortunately, it isn't on her crib currently because the crib is at the lowest setting which means the bedskirt doesn't fit. Since we chose to not paint the walls pink or purple, I knew I wanted the bedding and curtains to be extra feminine. The ruffled curtains are also black-out, which was a must on my checklist. The gold accents and bunny prints all made their way in slowly. Andrew picked out the white bunny that sits on the gold side table the weekend after we found out we were having a girl. Then, my sweet brother and sister-in-law got the bunny canvas for Grace before she was born, I chose the gold foil prints simply because of their sweetness, and the bunny on the shelves was a surprise baby shower gift. Because of those choices, the bunny mobile seemed like a natural fit. Now, Gracie's bunny lovey is one of the things she's attached to most. I know when she's long outgrown this nursery, I'll be so thankful that I have these pictures to look back our precious girl's first space.
{Her "night-night" book stays on this table}
 {Monogrammed detailing}
{Grace's room is right above the garage and stays several degrees cooler than the rest of the house so we keep a space heater to the left of the crib to maintain the temperature. The humidifier is there right now also to combat the dry air the heater produces}
Links to all of the things in Grace's nursery:
Bedding is no longer available, but similar here and here
Mirror is Hobby Lobby
Side table is At Home Store
Crib no longer available but similar here and here
Exact dresser not online but similar here

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