Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Happy 1st day of November! Time to break out the Christmas decorations and start the Santa Claus countdown. Don't worry, I'm not being serious... I wait until mid-November before I put up the tree. That somehow seems to be the most logical thing to me. The idea of "decking the halls" in all of their glory is too time consuming to entice me to do it for 1 month of joy, so I split the time that my Fall décor and Christmas décor is up. Fall décor goes up the 1st day of Fall(ish) and stays up 6 weeks, then Christmas gets it's time to shine. Makes perfect sense. Also highlights the fact that I spend way too much time thinking about useless things. But let's not focus on that and, instead, let's recap Halloween with the cutest little Minnie Mouse that I ever did see!

We kicked off Halloween with trick-or-treating at a local nursing home with our MOPS group last week. Side note: if you're a mama who doesn't have many mama friends, or, even if you do, I urge you to look into a local MOPS group. MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers (although it is truly for moms of all ages) and is a nationwide group that meets twice a month at local churches. Meeting times are dependent on which location you choose but there's a wide variety to meet all needs, and it's for mamas to take a two hour break from devoting their every waking minute to their families once every other week. It's Christian based, so there are guest speakers and group discussion that reflect that. It's such a nice treat and a great way to make quality connections. Seriously, mamas, do it for yourself. You deserve it. Okay, back to trick-or-treating: I forgot. I had ordered Grace's costume on Amazon (just like 80% of the things that get delivered to our house) and it wasn't set to be delivered until the day after the MOPS event. Awesome. So, I trotted up to Target (because that's my answer to everything!) and I stumbled across Minnie. I instantly knew it would be a hit because we currently LOVE all things "Miii Mooouuuse!" in the Cook household. I thought she'd be Minnie for MOPS and what I had originally planned, a bear, for Halloween.
The cutest little bear! I was going to remove the blue bow.
I went into the holiday with the assumption that this could very easily be the last time that I got to pick out Grace's costume. Next Halloween she'll be 4 months shy of 3 years old and will most likely have a strong opinion on what she wants to be. We knew that we wanted her to be an animal (last year she was a bunny) and we (very affectionately) call her bear, so the costume choice seemed easy. I love a good theme, so naturally Grace also needed a Fall/Halloween outfit for church on Sunday. Plus, I cannot pass up the opportunity to put her in something smocked! I think it's those southern roots.
Had to get a "cheese" with Dog-Dog
Notice when I was referencing Grace being Minnie Mouse for MOPS and a bear for Halloween that I said that's what I thought? Apparently, that did not line up with what Grace thought. When it came time to get ready for trick-or-treating, she was pretty determined that Minnie Mouse was the only acceptable option. She won, because, toddler.  I have to admit, Minnie Mouse ended up being all kinds of adorable!
After trick-or-treating (at a whopping 3 houses) Grace came home, got comfy, and enjoyed her loot! She took approximately 1 bite out of each piece of candy in her bucket and called it a night. What a life, am I right?!
This is her new mad face. Except she's not really mad! She's just an entertainer.
Hope y'all had a wonderful Halloween with your loved ones! Now, go get those homes ready for Christmas.

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