Wednesday, November 9, 2016


When we bought this house, the room that is now the playroom seemed like a total waste of space. Houses in the Midwest are a lot different than what we're used to coming from Texas, for a multitude of reasons. Most obviously with the split-level floor plans and the presence of basements! Our particular house happened to have (most of) the basement already finished when we bought it. Ours is one large room with a powder room and (unfinished) small storage room. We weren't even expecting Grace yet, but my initial thought when we looked at the house was that the basement would make a great playroom because it's directly off of the living room. Fast forward to actually having a child and we realized how long it would be before Grace would be playing on a different level of the house solo! I quickly came to the conclusion that being in the basement for the bulk of the day was impractical. Which brings us back to making use of what we originally deemed our "useless" room. On the floor plan we were given when we were still looking at our house as a real estate listing, our playroom is referred to as the formal living room. Until we had Grace and wanted to begin setting up a playroom, it was our nothing room. It transitioned into being a playroom so naturally for us due to it's location. It's on the same floor as the kitchen and dining space and it's also close to the bedrooms -- which is a needed factor when you're making frequent diaper changes! When Grace was a few months old, we kept a play mat and rock 'n play in there so that I would have a place to lay here when I needed to make dinner. During a mindless Pinterest session, I started browsing playrooms and it really took off from there! I love the way the space is set up currently!

My favorite area of the room is this wall. It's funny, when I was pregnant and we found out we were having a little girl, I really did not see myself being the type of person who wanted everything to be pink. I knew I didn't want to paint the nursery pink and I tried to keep the bulk of our baby gear gender neutral. However, as soon as this little girl made her appearance, I couldn't get enough pink! I just adore her little pink kitchen, pink castle playhut, and the gallery wall that I really enjoyed putting together.
The bulk of the smaller toys are organized against the PLAY wall.
We didn't have a couch in here until the last few months. I wasn't crazy about the idea of taking away play space, but since we spend so much time in this room, we really needed to get some adequate seating! As a nice bonus, Grace now has her morning "cheer-oooos!" on it while watching "mi mouse"  and I peacefully drink coffee and get some snuggles!
FOIL PRINT \\ Frames are Hobby Lobby
I really like how the room has come together and I believe it will continue to evolve as Grace grows up and has different play set-ups. I already envision a dress-up station at some point in the future! We recently added a toddler size table in the kitchen for her to color at when I'm doing things in the kitchen, that will eventually be used for painting and other crafts. I love that Grace has her own little area to express herself and play!

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