Friday, December 30, 2016


2016 was so good to us as a family! We had such a great year watching Grace grow and are continually so thankful for that. In 2015, we were blessed with the arrival of our sweet girl and while nothing can top that (obviously), I just feel so thankful with the opportunity that I have to spend my days with her. When I think back on the year, those are the moments that I think of first: hanging out with her all day, every day, our normal daily routine, and all of the incredible new skills that she's developed over the past twelve months that I was fortunate enough to be able to witness. That seemed to be the focus of 2016 and I'm sure will remain that way for the foreseeable future. Before even assembling this post, I could almost guarantee that a year in review would be a whole lot of Gracie, with a sprinkle of Andrew and I mixed in. For that, we count our lucky blessings every day. I hope that 2016 brought you joy and that you're looking into 2017 with hope and excitement. Happy New Years!


The happiest girl on New Years Day

Pictures for her 1 year photo banner
On January 20, Grace turned 11 months old
Our niece, Paisley, was born on February 15.
On February 20, sweet Grace turned 1!
Celebrating our girl
Grace's 1st birthday

Grace voted in the primaries

Celebrated Easter

And at the end of March, Grace went on her 17th and 18th plane rides.
First trip to the zoo

Started consistently standing, without holding on to things

Andrew and I went to Nashville at the end of the month. It was our first trip since Grace was born!
Family trip to the zoo

Grace started walking at 14.5 months

I started running consistently
Grace discovered her love for the pool...

and food...

...but that she does not love mulch.
We went to Texas to meet our nephew, Dietz.
Flight #24, headed home to KC
I celebrated my 31st with friends.
Grace and Hendrix became BFFs.
I ran my first half marathon!
Grace moved up classes at church.

Grace and I went to Houston to visit my BFF...

...and hers, too!


September kicked off Tech football season. Guns up!

Grace started MDO...

...and did SO good! 

Grace and her Uncle Seth share the same enthusiasm over police vehicles.

Grace had playdates...
...and decided that her baby would be in all pictures from now on.

We visited the Pumpkin Patch with Emmy and Pa

I ran the KC half marathon...

...and Andrew and I celebrated with a day date.

Grace had her first personal cup of froyo!

For Halloween, she was the cutest Minnie ever.


I voted

Grace took Christmas card pictures

We went to Springfield for Thanksgiving with Andrew's family and ran the Turkey Trot.

Grace met Santa

Andrew turned 30
Grace was the cutest (and sassiest!) Cabbage Patch Doll that I've ever seen
We flew to Texas for Christmas.
2016, you really were amazing. 

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