Wednesday, December 7, 2016


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The bath products for babies is where I ran into some of my biggest failures when Grace was a newborn. The bathtub that I registered for and was gifted was so-so but nothing that I would jump to recommend to others. Shortly after Grace was born, I was wandering around Buy Buy Baby one day and I saw the 4Moms bathtub that I linked above. 4Moms is a fairly new brand and all of their products (that I have come across) take the basic, needed baby products and elevate them to the next level. Their baby tub has a feature that lets you monitor the temperature of the water (which eliminates the need for yet another product to keep up with) and it also allows the flow of new water in and old water out. Bath mats were another big swing and a miss! The first mat we had absolutely would not stay stuck to the tub. It floated up in all areas that Grace wasn't currently sitting on. At first, I thought I had gotten a dysfunctional mat, but my mom had the same mat at her house and we encountered the same frustrations there. The Boon mat is so great. It covers the majority of the bathtub surface, it's a comfortable material, and it stays stuck with no issues. Seriously, don't bother with any of the other brands, just get it! The ladybug bath toy storage is not a true need but is a super cute storage option! It's also Boon and comes in a frog and whale option. The elephant spout cover also comes in white (which is the color that we have) and is a nice safety precaution for making sure that your little one doesn't bump their head. The Pottery Barn animal hooded towels are pricier than your standard towel, but are so cozy and soft! We had the bunny and lamb when Grace was a baby and now have the princess and bunny in the toddler size. Finally, the Nose Frida. I know, it looks gross. But it actually isn't gross at all. There is no way for the phlegm to make it's way through the tube high enough for you to actually encounter it. And, it is SO much more effective than the bulbs.
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The Itzy Ritzy bags that I linked are advertised as wet bags. They have a variety of different uses that can come in handy for a parent! Babies are notorious for having diaper blowouts and when you're out and about when that happens then it's really tempting to throw out the clothes! However, you probably don't really want to do that. Insert, wet bag! It will be great for swimsuits as Grace gets older now. The hand sanitizer is pretty self-explanatory. I like this particular one by Honest for the diaper bag because of the ease it provides by being in spray form. The travel wipe case by OXO Tot comes in three different colors (blue, pink, and green) and does an amazing job at keeping the wipes moist for extended times. I use this for Grace's backpack at "school", her bag for the nursery at church, and then all standard diaper bag uses. We also have this non-travel OXO Tot wipe dispenser in her nursery. I think OXO is such a great quality brand! A diaper genie to go is something that it's not easy to realize that you need until you need it. It's hard to imagine that you'll ever be in a situation where you'll have a dirty (stinky) diaper that you need to dispose of and do not have access to a trashcan, but it does happen. These sacks do a good job of containing the smell until you can get to a trashcan! These particular snack cups by Skip Hop could have been included in the kitchen edition, but they're my favorite to keep with us for when we're out and about. They're so darn adorable, but more importantly, they have an attached flip down lid that is easy to snack closed and throw in the bag to go. We have the ladybug one to coordinate with all of Grace's other Skip Hop pieces.
I hope you find this helpful if you're in the market for any of these products for your household or for a gift. All of these things have made my life as a mother for the past 21 months much easier!

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