Friday, December 9, 2016


{Waiting in line to see Santa}
Happy Friday! I forgot how giddy the month of December makes me. The Christmas season really is a magical time and it brings a little sparkle to everything "normal" throughout the month. All of the trees, the garlands and the twinkling lights make everything feel so cozy! This year, even more so than others, has reminded me how much that I have to praise Him for and what a blessing the ability to be able to celebrate Christmas truly is. We have Grace's Christmas program for Mother's Day Out this Sunday evening and we are so excited! She absolutely loves to sing and dance and her teachers told us that she is one of the most animated performers in the class when they practice so I'm curious to see if that sticks or if she freezes once she's on stage. We got a camcorder to document the event so here's to hoping for a lively performance! Andrew turned 30 this week so we're planning to also celebrate that this weekend. So thankful for that man!
As I've mentioned before, we love soup when it's cold. This broccoli cheese soup is a favorite!
These two make me laugh so much! This past Saturday, our church had an event called the Polar Party, which consisted of an ice skating rink, carriage rides, reindeer to pet, a viewing of "The Polar Express" and even more. I asked Andrew to get Grace dressed for us to head up to it and this is what they came up with. She has on leggings, two vests, and a cardigan. He said she picked it all out herself and I'm 99% sure he would have let her wear it just like that.
{Sweet Christmas plate we made at MOPS this week}
{My Winter essentials. Hunter boots | Scarf from last year but this years version here | Beanie }
We had our first (very light) snow of the season on Thursday and have more headed our way this week. Stay warm!

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