Wednesday, December 14, 2016


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A walk down an aisle at any toy store will suggest to you that there's roughly 500 toys catered to your child's age at any given time.
Overwhelming to say the least. I made the mistake of thinking Grace needed all. the. toys. her first year of life. Do you know how many of them she played with? Eight. These eight toys are the ones that she played with daily (and still does with a handful of them). The play mat was a staple around the house until Grace was about 9 months old. We used it for tummy time as well as general entertainment and Grace loved that it lit up and made noises. We also had this Kick 'N Play Piano Gym and also liked it, but the Baby Einstein was the favorite. The Little Tikes Ball Drop is such a simple toy that provided so much play time. At first Grace loved to watch us drop the balls and as time went on, she learned to do it herself. It was great from 6-18 months. The Baby Einstein jumper is popular on baby registries and for good reason. It was another staple starting at 6 months. The sensory balls we got at around 3 months and she still plays with them about once a week! They're great for working on grip and coordination. The Fisher Price car is another one that made an appearance around 6 months old and is still used frequently in the playroom. When other kids come over for playdates, it still tends to be the toy most gravitated towards. The activity table can also be used for a variety of ages because the legs pop on and off, which is so nice for before babies are standing and cruising. Grace played with it consistently for about a year. It's a great, universal gift, and actually what we're getting our precious 6.5 month old nephew for Christmas! The Fisher Price house is a playroom staple in just about every house I've been in. It's interactive and great for such a wide range of ages. Grace still plays with it several times a week. The VTech walker is another multi-purpose toy because the front board pops off and can be placed flat on the floor to play with until the child starts walking. Grace loved the different animal sounds and play phone! Different toys are obviously going to draw the attention of different kiddos or there wouldn't be so many different options on the market. However, I believe these specific eight to be a hit with them all.

{Jumping on the deck with Hendrix at 6 months}
{Playing in her car at 7 months old}
{Playing with her house at 8 months}
{Activity table entertainment : 9 months}
{Play gym still being put to use at 10 months}
{Walker fun at 12 months}

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