Wednesday, December 21, 2016


This sassy little girl turned 22 months old yesterday! The past month has brought more independence and a whole lot of sass. Except for when she was performing in her Christmas program at MDO. There was zero sass there, just a lot of staring! From her whole class. It was so funny to look around, because there was eight sets of parents videoing their children basically just sitting on a stage. They were so adorable, though! We're approaching the big 2 at lightning speed and Grace seems more like a toddler everyday. She loves to talk, dance, and gets excited to play with friends. She really has the sweetest little spirit.
NEW WORDS... apple, muffin, cracker, pizza, mac-cheese, flower, Christmas, shirt, pants, dress tights, stuck, carrots, bird, yogurt, applesauce, keys, jump, dance, bells, bear, drive, hat, lovey, try, airplane, reindeer, train, choo-choo, highchair, here, hug, kiss, snow, jacket, potty, dinner, cookie, help. Most of her new words this month clearly have a food theme! I feel like there's more that I'm forgetting and that this is the area of progress I'm going to have the hardest time keeping up with because she seems to be saying everything.
GRACE-ISMS... Grace's favorite word is currently no. Hands down. "Can Mama have a kiss?" "No." "Can Grace please sit down?" "No!" And so it goes on, all day, every day. She knows when she's being disobedient and makes the funniest little scrunched up face when she knows she's about to get in trouble to make us laugh. She seems to be out of the throwing food phase and I am so happy to see that one go! Every. Single. Number. that she encounters is two. She knows that they're not all two, but if she's going to count something, like four dots on a page in her number book, she says, "Two, two, two, two." And then looks at me (because she knows it drives me crazy!) and starts giggling. Her Gigi was here the first weekend of December and Grace put a bow in her hair. She now points to that bow daily and calls it her Gigi bow. She will ask to watch football and the news because that's what Andrew watches. That one really makes us laugh! We've been working on saying the names Paisley and Dietz (her two younger cousins) since she will see them so soon and she has decided that every baby is "baby Dietz". When we get Christmas cards with a baby on them, she says, "baby Dietz!" I have no idea why she's decided he's baby Dietz and not just Dietz, and why he's a baby and Paisley is not, but it's pretty funny.
GRACE CURRENTLY... is focused on naming who various items are under the ownership of, like going around to each cup on the table and saying, "Dada's! Mama's! Grace's!" She does it with phones, clothing you're wearing, plates, really anything she sees. She also is very into naming every article of clothing that we're wearing, down to earrings and socks. She still loves puzzles but has also shown a renewed interest in books the last few weeks. She's back to wanting to read the stories instead of just name all of the things on the pages. She goes down the list of everyone's names that she knows (Dada, Emmy, Pa, Gigi, Hols) every day and asks where they're at. The answer to all is normally work. Then she points to another room and says, "Mama work!" Grace also loves to love on Hendrix and yell for him if he's in a different room or level of the house.

Happy first day of Winter!

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