Monday, December 12, 2016


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Stocking stuffers are my favorite things to buy for others! I love brainstorming for things to fill Andrew and Grace's stocking with and had the most fun putting together the some picks for my own stocking as well. Maybe because stockings tend to include more heartfelt gifts that are so tailored to an individual's wants and knowing someone so well in order to be able to select the hand-picked things. The cuticle oil would be a nice treat because of the brush applicator. I am trying to stop picking at mine (and have been for as long as I can remember) and keeping them moisturized helps me with that. I saw the pink scarf on a blogger that I follow on Instagram. It's adorable, but also substantially more than I typically spend on one. The Nike running beanie and gloves are the only two things that overlap between need and want. The cold weather moving in has me readjusting my running gear and my hands get so cold holding on to the stroller. The skincare set would be such a nice treat! Before Grace was born, I loved spending time testing and playing with items at Sephora. I'm not able to spend as much time applying make-up as I used to (most days I'm lucky to get on CC cream, concealer, brows, and mascara) but I do still like to take care of my skin and love trying products in sets like this. The eyeshadow palette is a small size (which I love!) and has natural, glowy colors which are right up my alley. This particular palette comes in six different color combination to fit the needs of a variety of tastes. Books are always on my wish list! I keep a running list in my Amazon cart of books that I come across and know I want to try. This one is at the top of my current list. And finally, anything personalized is always a sweet sentiment. If you're searching for inspiration to finish off buying for a loved one, I hope this helped you! As intriguing as all of these gifts are, this year I've really been reminded of the real reason for the season. I'm definitely excited to see Grace's face as she takes it all in in two short weeks!

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