Monday, January 23, 2017


In one month my baby will be TWO! Planning of her party is officially under her way, down to picking out party favors and ordering cookies. I know that I have said this in every one of these, but I am just in shock at how quickly we have gotten to two years old. Does time magically move faster once you have a child? I think that it must.
NEW WORDS... Grace is honestly saying so many words that I've lost track! Right now, I'm trying to remember the phrases that she is putting together instead of the new individual words. She says what Andrew (affectionately) refers to as machine gun no's when she doesn't want to do something. "No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, NO, NOOO!" She can fire them off in quite the rapid succession. She says things like, "Grace sit here" and "Read book please." She can say her own little prayer: Dear
God, thank you, Amen. Sometimes, she just starts chatting away, will stop and laugh, chat again, repeat, repeat. It makes us laugh so hard, which she knows, which is why she does it.
GRACE-ISMS... I've mentioned before that Grace is ultra girly and loves to play with make-up and jewelry, so I picked her up some stick-on earrings a few weeks go and, of course, she loves them. Sometimes she even shares this love with Hendrix. Hendrix had surgery earlier this month and had to wear a cone for a bit. Grace decided the cone was scary and would say that Hendrix's "hat hurt." No idea where that one came from. She's all about routine and things being in their place, down to putting her sleepsack up in the mornings and asking for a bow to wear in her hair. I'm a very routine oriented person and this has obviously rubbed off on her!
GRACE CURRENTLY... spends most of her time reading books, doing puzzles, playing with her babies, or asking for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She still plays with her peg puzzles, but really enjoys the more complicated 4 piece peg ones. Like these. She is not eating great and seems to do the bulk of her acting out in relation to eating. Throwing food, feeding it to Hendrix, pushing her plate... Super fun stuff. One thing is for sure, she loves macaroni and cheese and can hear the word "treat" from a mile away. She's refusing all vegetables and fruit right now (insert sarcastic yay) so I have to trick her into drinking green smoothies. She thinks they're a fun drink, so it works for now. She is still very shy and reserved when we get to public play spaces. The library, indoor play areas, etc. She wants to stick very close to me and we're there for 30+ minutes before she'll interact. After that, she'll interact and play, but she really wants to observe and feel out a situation before she jumps in. She has a very gentle and sweet spirit, especially with other kids, and she genuinely likes to help out. She loves to be involved when I'm doing things around the house like unloading the dishwasher or pushing buttons to start the dryer.
GRACE IS LEARNING... Everything! She's such a little sponge. Grace can do all of the things that are on the checklist for 23 month olds. These things include kicking a ball forward, combine words, identify 6 body parts and use 50+ single words. I believe the 50 word milestone is something that pediatricians like to see by the age two, but the "What to Expect" book/app lists it at 23 months also. Grace can consistently count to 6, and can get to 10 with prompting, such as "what comes after 7?" We're working on colors but currently only have red and brown. (I credit the book Brown Bear... for the grasping of brown) and she can identify a heart and a star on the shape front. She can say ABC, but other than that, chimes in with random letters when we sing the alphabet. She knows when certain letters are coming (like P) and excitedly joins in when we reach them.

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