Monday, January 2, 2017


We started off our NYE thinking it was going to be just the three of us. We originally had plans for our friends, Kylie and Roger Schroeder, to come in town on Friday but they had to cancel on Thursday before NYE because Kylie was sick. Luckily, Kylie was showing some improvement so after a bit of (relentless) encouragement from Andrew they ended up coming for the night! We were so excited to see them because we finally got to meet their precious new addition, Miss Vivian!

Sweet Vivian Rose is 2.5 months old and one of the most laidback babies I've ever been around. I feel like Grace is looking at us in the pictures like, "Easy guys! I got this." And poor Vivi is slipping a little bit more in each one. It was so good to see the Schroeder family and spend our 5th NYE in a row celebrating with them! It was our (Andrew + me) 11th NYE together. Absolutely crazy to think about.
I love the excitement that comes with a new year. The 365 days (technically, 364 now...) have a tendency to feel like a blank slate. Starting something new has an uplifting effect on me and I really love that. I have no idea what the new year will bring, but I am continually thankful for the blessings that came our way in 2016. Instead of setting NY resolutions, I like the idea of setting personal goals that I can work on throughout the year. I like to complete the act of writing them down -- it seems to give them a more permanent feel than staying something out loud and letting it slip away with the passing moment. I love to keep a planner and have for as long as I can remember. Feeling it out week after week is a soothing act for me and I love going to pick one out and start fresh at the start of the year. In the past, I've used this May Designs one and this Plum Papers one, but this year I'm trying this one. I wrote my goals for 2017 in it today, but thought I would also share them here! 2016 was one of the healthiest years I can remember having because I completed Whole30, started running, and took a bigger interest in what I (and my family!) eat. I want to continue this, hopefully making even healthier food choices, and run a full marathon. I want to read more in my free time. I love to read and it's almost as if sometimes I tend to forget this and how happy I am escaping into a good book. I want to do a daily devotional every day and complete at least one bible study, growing in my faith. My biggest goal is to be present. In whatever I am doing, I want to be present in that moment. Whether it be spending time with Grace or Andrew or something far more trivial, it's so easy to be doing too many things at once and not giving any of those things the full attention that they deserve. My first step in doing this is abandoning my attachment to my phone and social media. It's so easy to mindlessly be scrolling thru various apps, peering in at other peoples lives all the while missing moments in our own. I know that that is not how I want to be, so I'm making a conscious effort to simply not do it.
Happy, happy, happy New Years, friends! I pray that 2017 brings you joy.

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  1. Love this! I so agree about the being present in the moment! Proud of you :)