Wednesday, March 1, 2017


{Her little shoes are my favorite!}
Grace's birthday fell on a Monday this year so we had her birthday party the Saturday before her birthday. Grace absolutely loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so I went with that as her theme. I ordered most of the décor, invitations, etc. from Etsy, just like I did last year, but had picked up a few items from Hobby Lobby also. When I was grabbing plates and utensils from Hobby Lobby, I bought a silver '2' balloon. I went to blow it up the night before the party and it was much smaller than I had realized. And by much smaller, I mean roughly a quarter of the size I was hoping for. Comically small! I started calling Party City's close to our house and found one in stock about 15 miles away that Andrew was going to run grab the next morning, so party day. He came back with the 2 balloon, a Minnie Mouse head, and a full-sized Minnie Mouse balloon! It ended up being the perfect little addition and Grace thought it was super neat. Daddy for the win!
 Her party was in the morning (10 AM) so we did brunch type food, toddler style. The food labels coordinated with her invitations and thank-you cards. I love a good cutesy name! The cookies were a huge hit with the kiddos and the cake was delicious.
{Minnie's Sweet Treat}
{Mickey's Mousekatools}
{Pluto's Water Bowl}
{Donald's Cheese & Quackers}
{Clarabelle's Cookies}
{Hot Diggity Dogs}
{Daisy's Fruit Garden}
{Goofy's Biscuits}
{Pete's Punch}
{Oh Two-dles!}
I had an infographic made for Grace's 1st birthday and treasured it so much that I wanted to do something similar, but properly themed, for her 2nd birthday (and all the ones to come!) as well. My favorite things are the "chapoots" and "pims". Sweet little quirks that I want to always remember!
My parents and my mother-in-law flew in the Friday before Grace's party and it was so nice to have them here to celebrate our girl.
{Grace with Emmy and Pa}
{Grace and Gigi}
This is the reality of trying to get a shot of 5 toddlers wearing Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse ears. So thankful for her sweet little friends and their parents for joining us!
 Cupcakes for her MDO class the following Tuesday! I thought these were so adorable! Her teacher sent me a few pictures of her eating hers after the class sang her the Happy Birthday song.
{Sweet little sign on her MDO door}
Andrew and I had been intending to pick up a new camera for awhile but Grace's impending party actually got me into Best Buy to follow through on that. I picked it up the week before the party but didn't put much thought into it until the morning of. I plugged it in to charge with the appropriate amount of time allowed yet it still wouldn't come on, despite our frustrated and frantic efforts. I had managed to pick up a lemon! What are the chances. I've never been so thankful to live in the time of cellphones with decent cameras so that we were able to capture photos of our Mickey Mouse party for our "Mi Mouse!" loving girl.

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