Saturday, December 23, 2017

Our Home for Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas, friends! I absolutely love having our home decorated for Christmas. I would probably have a Christmas tree of some variety in every room if I didn't think it would make Andrew question my sanity. Ha! I love the sparkle and shine of the season and how cozy it makes everything feel.

 I love having this magnetic chalkboard clock to hang all of Grace's schoolwork. Especially when it's a holiday season and themed! Is there anything better than a craft made out of your child's hands and feet?!
Kitchen details. If you're not a Christmas Vacation fan then you're going to think we're really offensive with the top right sign, but if you are, then you're bound to chuckle.
Front Room/Playroom details

Christmas touches in our master
Your view walking down the hall upstairs.

Sweet little nativity scene.

Grace picked out and decorated her tree herself!

I almost picked these up to pose them for a picture then decided to leave them in their natural state for authenticity purposes. Grace loves to use them for war and is constantly moving them around the house.

Merry Christmas, from our home to yours!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Christmas Wishlist 2017

Believe it or not, I'm still here! I've been saying for the last four months I want to start writing more regularly again, so nothing like my husband requesting a Christmas list "like last year, please!" to finally get me moving. I plan on doing a full catch-up post within the week, but for now, here's my wishlist for 2017. Christmas is only 17 days away, y'all! 'Tis the season!

ONE: I've been saying that we need to invest in an external hard drive for months. I do back up our photos to an online site, but I would feel more comfortable having a hard drive as well.

TWO: Y'all, I hate ironing. Absolutely despise it! I've had this in my Amazon cart for the better part of six months. This would make my life so much easier since I could prevent things like ironing little ruffles on toddler dresses or getting creases out of curtains. Important stuff, I know.

THREE: A compact, wireless printer that would prevent me from having to run up to FedEx Office every time I need to bring a single item. It has good Amazon reviews and is definitely in the lower price range which is ideal since it's not an everyday item.
FOUR: This palette is full of colors that are my favorite for blue eyes and I love the NARS eyeshadow formula. Just so, so pretty.
FIVE: Everyday staple! Definitely my top Christmas want.
SIX: I've read several times that sleeping on a silk pillowcase is better for hair tangles and for anti-aging benefits and I am all about anything that claims it has wrinkle prevention!
SEVEN: Old Navy flannels are my favorite and you can't beat the price at under $20. I would love to receive any of the colors.
EIGHT: I had been eyeing a pair of Ugg slippers for the past several months and then stumbled across these for a third of the price. Plus, they come in blush pink (my favorite!) and you can have them monogrammed. And I'll never turn down a monogram!

ONE: I do not own a single pair of true no-show socks! I always wish I had some when I wear my casual/errand sneakers.
TWO: I have an Amazon wishlist of over thirty books and I love a good thriller! I loved both other books that I've read by this author.
THREE: Absolute best hair ties! I sleep in one every night.
FOUR: This cuticle oil is the best that I've tried and a nice holiday treat to receive.
FIVE: My hands have been SO dry the last few weeks and everything by this brand is great for a little holiday indulgence.
SIX: A rollerball of my current perfume would always be a great thing to have to be able to carry with me out and about. I love, love, love this scent!
SEVEN: Best dry shampoo ever. I go through it like water.
EIGHT: OPI nail polishes are my favorite formula and I really love the classic shades 'Bubble Bath' and 'Big Apple Red' + they're currently 2 for $16 at Ulta!