Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Kitchen Remodel

We decided shortly after moving into our house that we would really like to update our kitchen when we were able to. It was 100% functional as is, just out of date compared to current kitchen trends. The light oak must have been in it's prime in 2000 (the year our house was built) because it's on the floors throughout the main level, all the kitchen cabinets, and the banisters. I painted the banisters black about 1.5 years after we moved in and constantly wavered on whether or not I was capable of doing the kitchen cabinets myself. I did a TON of research and finally decided to go for it in April of 2017. (Yes, over 8 months ago!) It took me right at a week from start-to-finish and that was working on it primarily after putting Grace to sleep at night. Andrew was out-of-town at the time so I did it completely solo! I followed the Young House Love tutorial down to the exact brushes and paint formula that they used and can not recommend it enough! Their site is a wealth of knowledge for anyone trying to learn home improvement things to do on their own. I ended up choosing the Benjamin Moore Advance paint formula (their recommendation and the recommendation of a ton of others!) in the color 'Simply White' and I absolutely love it.
Our backsplash was an interesting shade of cream that I originally debated color matching the cabinets to, until my husband smartly convinced me that basing the cabinet color off the part of a remodel that would be the cheapest part to complete (backsplash), if it's not what I really wanted, was not worth it. He was SO right and I would have not been happy in the long run with cream cabinets! I have wanted a bright, white kitchen for as long as I had really been interested in house d├ęcor. After I painted the cabinets, I decided to see what our current backsplash would look like painted in the same color. It was going to be a couple of months until we had the countertops and backsplash redone and the cream backsplash against white cabinets was driving me nutty! Worst case scenario, we were planning to replace the backsplash anyway so no harm, no foul there, and best case scenario, it turned out fine. It turned out great! I was honestly so happy with it that we didn't end up replacing the backsplash when we had the countertops done. I painted the backsplash with one coat of primer and then two coats of paint the same color/formula as the cabinets.
We chose to replace the laminate countertops with 'Black Pearl' granite. Originally, we were keeping the exact shape of the countertop/bar area the same, but that ended up not being an option. We had a raised bar and after the granite was installed it became glaringly obvious that the thin piece of wood that had supported the laminate bar was not thick enough to support heavy granite. So, the raised bar ended up being cut down to countertop height and the granite was extended to create a counter-level bar. It actually opened up the space quite a bit and we're very happy with how it turned out!
When I look at the before and after pictures I am so incredibly thrilled with how it all turned out! On top of the cabinet, backsplash, and countertop update, we also chose to removed the dated pendant lights that hung above the bar area to further open up the space. There was also wooden blinds added to the windows above the sink and replaced the tie-up curtains with the same curtain panels that are in the playroom, living room, and dining space, so all of the main areas of the house. I think it really helped the entire house look cohesive! All in all, I couldn't be happier with how it is now, and even though it was a lot of work AND chaos, I would absolutely do it again in order to get to this finished product.

{Basically what our kitchen looked like when we bought the house. However, the appliances had been updated and were all stainless steel instead of white.}

{This was the exact state of our kitchen when we bought the house, just not from the best angle. This picture and the one above are both from old house listings.}
{The only before picture I actually took myself.}
{After one coat of primer.}

{Before painting the backsplash. You can see how cream it looked in comparison to the fresh white!}

{After completing the cabinets + painting the backsplash.}
{Finished project!}

{New faucet and sink that we LOVE!}

{So crazy to see how far it has come!}

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