Sunday, November 25, 2018

Christmas List 2018

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1. Running gear is always on my wish list! I love all Brooks apparel and these pants in ‘black/ocean wave’ are so cute + such a steal.

2. My laziness is about to show here! I have a Shark robot vacuum for our main floor and it is AMAZING! I love knowing that our floors are getting cleaned at 1 PM every day (nap time!) and it would be awesome to know the same thing was happening upstairs as well. This particular one has great reviews for carpet.

3. Again with the Brooks running apparel! I somehow only have two long sleeve running shirts so this one in black would be a great addition.

4. This cookbook looks like it has lots of yummy, low calorie recipes. Double win!

5. I adore Reese Witherspoon and I’ve wanted this since it came out. 

6. We were visiting family over Thanksgiving and this book was on the coffee table. I quickly flipped through it and was admittedly very intrigued. I’ve never been an avid watcher of their show and I’m not particularly drawn to farmhouse style, but I do love decor and this seemed to have a wealth of knowledge. 

7. I wear the same jewelry every day. My wedding ring (duh), my mom’s original wedding band (she got a new ring for an anniversary and I’ve worn it since the day I got married), my Maya Brenner ‘G’ necklace, and pearl earrings. I look the look of a few dainty bracelets, and this pearl bracelet would complement my earrings while still being simple enough for every day wear.

8. I keep seeing this dryer raved about and anything that makes styling my hair easier piques my interest.

9. Silk pillowcases are supposed to be anti-aging. Enough said!

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